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Change The Resolution

It's been a long and weird year but I finally released my latest album of 11 songs titled "Change The Resolution." I wrote these songs last year while finishing up my last album"The Highest I've Ever Been." In August of 2016 I decided to leave Key West to tour the country. While on the road the drums were recorded by my good friend Nate Laguzza in Los Angeles CA. Once the drums were done I began recording everything else while couch surfing in NY and NJ. I May of 2017 I moved back to Key West and finished mixing the album while playing many shows. When hurricane Irma hit, I evacuated and stayed at a friends in NY. Somehow I ended up moving back to Hoboken NJ and sent the album out to mastering in the UK. You could say the album was recorded and mixed in 4 different states and 2 different countries! My home studio "Insomnia Studios" has become a "pop-up" studio that I'm able to move with me as I travel. Modern technology eliminates the need to carry around huge mixing consoles and racks of effects and processors. I've got a few good mics, a good mic pre, my studio monitors, lap top and the most valuable tool in my ears. Today's analogue plug-ins are so fantastic that we're able to record and mix entirely in the box.

Since settling back down in NJ, I've began writing and recording new songs with some new sounds. I'm excited of the things to come! Stay tuned and stay real! Peace__Ant

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